Pocket Neighborhood Project

We are working with a Tacoma Developer to create a 5 acre property in the town of Winlock, WA.   The idea for the site is to create 3 pocket neighborhoods, each having smaller prefab houses arranged around a green space. The target demographic is retirees looking to downsize and simplify, and this will provide a low cost option in a smaller community.

By facing the cottages toward the park, the intent is to create an increased sense of community, and connection to ones neighbors that is not currently evident in the typical suburb.  The drives are essentially alleys, creating access to the garages, and a way to get trash and recycling and services out.  


Next we will be developing the individual floor plans for the units.   The typical unit is going to be a 2br/1.5ba dwelling around 1260 s.f.   In the spirit of the pocket neighborhood, this houses will have screened porches facing the park side, and garages facing the alley.