daylight basement

This remodel of an existing daylight basement attempts to create at the perfect entertainment space for the clients and their extended family.  Many elements of this design shift, slide, rotate, open, and close, to create a flexible space that will accommodate a home theater, game room, exercise room, and entertainment room.

Walking through the grove of Aspens to the front door creates a progression to the house through nature, softening the exterior of the house and providing a Northwest garden.  A triple panel sliding door opens the space to the patio garden in the summer months, with stone tiles extending into the space. 

The large steel panels of in the new interior space can be opened or closed to completely change the function of the space. Sliding copper panels are designed to slide in front of the windows to darken the room during movies and gaming. The irregular pattern of the ceiling optimizes the sound quality of the room by targeting specific wavelengths of sound.

Project Management: Woollen Studio inc.
Design: Robert Edson Swain